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Product Development Engineering (PDE) seeks to help clients with delicate art and science of Transforming Product Ideas into Commercial Reality.  PDE helps clients to recognize innovative and ground breaking ideas and then assists in driving the processes that turn those ideas into products.

PDE brings a deep and wide wealth of practical experience in the process of creating products.  We can assist in any phase of the product development process from ideation, specification development, introduction into production and many other areas.  Our product knowledge is a unique mix ranging from the specialty chemical industry to flat panel monitors.  The industries we have serviced are similarly diverse.

Beyond the alchemy that is needed to create products we can offer assistance in business process improvement, regulatory affairs resolution of complex manufacturing and end user issues, and general management consulting.  We apply a Six Sigma tools effectively.  

Our approach toward problem resolution is data driven with a focus on timely, cost effective and comprehensive solutions. In the midst of often ambiguous situations, we gather the existing facts and go where they lead adjusting our course in response to new facts.  Our drive is to resolve the problem and not cling to any perceived solution.

As we have matured as an organization we have come to realize that our emphases have common themes.  We help clients focus on the three critical components of any successful company: